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    The Premier League is a professional football club league that plays in Europe.  There are twenty teams that play matches which go from the period of time of August until May.  The whole league will play three hundred and eighty matches during a year with each team playing thirty eight matches.  The games are usually held on the weekends though there are a few matches that run during the week. Many people who enjoy watching the league use P2P4U net as the method to catch the matches.

    The twenty clubs in the League are Arsenal, Aston Villa, Birmingham City, Blackburn Rovers, Blackpool, Bolton Wanderers, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Sunderland, Stoke City, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United, West Bromich Albion, Wigan Athletic, and the Wolverhampton Wanderers.  The Premier League originally started with 12 teams but has since expanded to the current 20 team structure.  There are many fans of these football clubs and the attendance of a match on the pitch averages around 36,000 fans in attendance.  Manchester United’s coach, Sir Alex Ferguson, has been with the team since November 1986 and is the longest tenured coach in the premier league.

    The league allows transfers and there have been some famous players who have come over into the league with very high transfer fees.  Some of these players are Robinho, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Andy Carroll, Andriy Shevchenko, Fernando Torres, and Cristiano Ronaldo.  The transfer fees can cost much more then the player’s salary as the Ronaldo transfer fee was 80 million.

    The top five goalscorers all time in the league are Alan Shearer, Andrew Cole, Thierry Henry, Robbie Fowler, and Les Ferdinand.  Shearer had 260 goals to lead everyone all time in the Premier League.  Shearer also won the award for being the best overall player of the decade which is a pretigious award.

    People who cannot go to the matches live can either attempt to watch the matches on their tube or they can check out P2P4U net as an alternative way to try to catch their favorite teams.  Ticket prices can be expensive so a lot of fans cannot afford to attend all 38 matches in a season.  Sometimes the TV does not carry all the games or you need a special package to watch them all which can also be expensive so P2P4U net is a free alternative to this.

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