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  • Being able to watch live streaming sports online took a hit this year thanks to the US’s ICE government agency.  This agency has seized and shut down some of the top sports streaming sites online.  Those websites are now hosted on ICE’s servers and display a landing page letting visitors know that the domain was seized by ICE.  What cyberspace is buzzing about is the apparent lack of due process because the website owners did not receive any notification nor did they have the opportunity to defend themselves in court prior to their website and domain name being confiscated.  This has also led to one incident in which ICE seized a public blogging website and shut down around 80,000 blogs as a result of only one of the blogs having illegal content on it.

    What adds a level of complexity to the case is that ICE confiscated Rojadirecta which was a sports streaming site owned and operated out of Spain.  This site went to Spanish court twice and was found legal in Spain.  But the US still confiscated the site and domain because it resided on a .org domain and the .org listing company is based in the United States.  This could potentially have a snowball effect as the US in effect is attempting to regulate citizens of other countries.  I have not heard or read anything from the Spanish court system about this domain seizure but I would be interested to read what they think about it and what possible future ripple effect this could lead to.

    The way that the law is supposed to work is that you are accused of something and have the right to defend yourself.  It is called due process and it is a legal right in the US.  I am not a lawyer, but in my amateur opinion I fail to see ICE’s justification for taking domain names without even serving notice to the domain owner and without the domain owner having the opportunity to defend themselves.

    Streaming live sports on your website is obvious trademark infringement, I think we can all agree on that, but some of the sites were not broadcasting anything… they were either linking to a broadcast that was located on another website or they were embedding through an iframe code the broadcast (this means that the broadcast opened up in a webpage from their site, but the actual sports streaming was occuring on another site’s servers).  Whether or not ICE understands the different technical aspects I am not sure, but if sharing information (i.e. through linking) is illegal, does that mean that we do not have the freedom to share information which is illegal?  I guess this is for the legal beagals to decide, but it seems like a battle between freedom of speech and sharing what is deemed illegal information.  (though sharing where you can watching live streaming sports is hardly a national secret)

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